University of Redlands

2019.01.04 11:32


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Based in California’s Inland Empire, east of Los Angeles, this small liberal arts college and its conservatory of music are just over a century old. Concerts are performed in the college chapel. Many of Redlands’ music students take advantage of the school’s Salzburg Semester: They live in the college’s 450-year-old Austrian castle and study at the Mozarteum.

(100년이상의 전통을 지닌 학교이고, 많은 학생들이 학교의 Salzburg 학기를 이용합니다. Sazburg 학기란, 학생들이 오스트리아에 있는 450년 된 성에 머물며 공부를 하는 프로그램이다.)

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