Manhattan School of Music

2018.12.20 14:42


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Location : 뉴욕주, 맨하탄 (Manhattan, NY)

Tuition : 약 $43,000

Toefl : 없음.

Application Requirements :

1. Essay (500 to 750 words)
If you were handed a blank airline ticket, where would you go? What would you do? How long would you stay?

2. Musical Background/Resume

3. Teacher Preference List
We encourage each applicant to research potential teachers and provide information about teacher pre-ferences 
on the  Unified Application.

4. MSM Admissions Portal

5. Prescreening Submission (Where Applicable)
Many programs at Manhattan School of Music require the submission of prescreening materials in order to be

  invited to the audition.

6. Two Letters of Recommendation – both musical

7. Official Undergraduate Transcripts – transcripts must be mailed directly from each school attended and arrive in a sealed envelope

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