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2018.12.20 14:26


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Location : 뉴욕주, 맨하탄 (Manhattan, NY)
Tuition : 약 $45,000
Toefl : ibt 89점 이상 (writing 21점 이상)
Application Requirements :
1. Online application

2. Essay
Describe the most challenging obstacle you have had to overcome; discuss its impact,and tell us
what you have learned from the experience.

3. Application fee

4. Pre-screening materials

5. Transcripts
Applicants should send the official transcripts of school records.
Official transcripts must be in a sealed envelope, or be sent directly from the issuing institution.

6. Proof of English Language Proficiency
Master of Music and Graduate Diploma (ibt total 89점 이상, writing 21점 이상)

7. Letter of Recommendation
All graduate applicants must submit one letter of recommendation.

8. Live Audition

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